Cooper's Hawk Hunting In My Yard

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I was outside in my backyard with my video camera that I had not used in awhile. Suddenly, from where I was standing, I saw something moving around at the far right corner of my front yard. As I started approaching, I realized it was a bird on the ground. From my vantage point, I thought for a moment "vulture"...But as I got close, even better...a hawk...A Cooper's Hawk. Now, I do not know my species of hawks..I was corrected on the type of hawk that it was and corrected my mistake. However, what I can do is photograph or video nature when given the chance to do so.

I was really amazed at how well this hawk was able to fly through all of the trees and miss all of the wires to capture the target which was a squirrel. The hawk let me get in close but I put my 25X optical zoom lens to good use.

Here is the video I captured: